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The Memory Book


Are You Ready To Transform Your
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Millennial Reign Book, Satan's Little Season Book,

Read it once to be inspired... Memorize it to change the world for Jesus!


  • Bible Basics
  • Biblical Healing
  • Biblical Cosmology
  • The End Of The World *Past
  • The Day Of The Lord (Millennial Reign) *Past
  • Jesus in America Post Resurrection
  • Satan's Little Season

And more!

Before you grab a copy of my life altering e-book which covers the basics of the Christian faith from Creation to the end of time, I have a few questions for you to make sure you are serious about buying my book, and ready for the transformation it holds within its pages.


- Do you feel out of place going to church?

- Is your church compromised with the government?

- Has fear or anxiety crept in due to recent world events?

- Do you know how you can literally work for God?

- Are you ashamed of being a Christian?

- Do you have peace in your heart and mind?

- Do you have toxic relationships in your life that prevent you from living out your calling for Jesus?

- Does your health suffer?

- Do you feel guilty for mistakes you have made?

- Do you know where you are going to spend eternity?


If you answered yes or no to even one of these questions...

I can guarantee that my Memory Book will transform your life. 


I have been using these scriptures in my work as a disciple for over 25 years, and seen countless miracles unfold by claiming the promises within the pages I offer you today...

and I KNOW that they are destined to create miracles in your life and that you are not here now, reading this on accident today.

no matter how dark, evil or hopeless your situation may seem, the Memory Book will help! Guaranteed!!!


Just like my very first client!


C. Rose, 1997

"I felt like a prisoner in an assisted living facility, and I was only 18. I was afraid of everyone and everything for as long as I could remember. Diagnosed with several conditions including PTSD and Agoraphobia due to the traumatic abuse of being sold to truck drivers by my step dad from the age of 8 - 13. I was taking several medications. I had been seen by top mental health professionals and admitted to inpatient care several times. After just 3 weeks working with Sister Kadee, receiving Jesus as my personal savior and memorizing these Bible verses on spiritual warfare, my life was transformed drastically. My case was closed as a miracle and after my Discipleship course I went to India to work with the deaf as a missionary. I am nearly deaf myself from the abuse I suffered as a child and she helped me turn my curse into a blessing to help others."


- NO MORE sitting around allowing Satan to deceive you and rob you of your purpose.

- NO MORE confusion and guilt.

- NO MORE blindly going with the mainstream narrative as a sheep to slaughter.

- NO MORE playing the waiting game for someone to understand your beliefs.

- NO MORE hoping to find a professional or pastor who can help you overcome the world

- NO MORE hiding your problems visions and beliefs for fear of bureaucratic backlash.


I get it. In my life and experience I have had to overcome trauma, false judgment, and abuse from many who have rejected me and my calling to be a Disciple and servant of Christ, especially from those who call themselves "Christians".

The Memory Book has helped me to bring the TRUTH of God's Word, His mercy, and love to thousands of people around the world...

and now it's YOUR TURN!


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