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Holistic Ministries, LLC,  offers an exclusive, off the beaten path approach to Healing, Wellness, Survival and Service to God.


Priestess Kadee Lyn Kotter

Owner and Expert Holistic Practitioner 


"It all started when Kadee was miraculously healed from spinal meningitis on Christmas at the age of 15 by her grandfather's prayer to Jesus.

Since then, she has felt an inner drive and purpose, helping thousands of people to transform their fear into faith, sickness into health, and darkness into light as an independent from religion in nearly every state in our great country.

She knows the Body, Mind and Spirit heal naturally when given the right nourishment, respect and love. She is living proof, as she has transformed the outcomes of her own personal, dire prognostications.

After existing with toxic abusive people her whole life, feeling unworthy of success and love, her reality was changed forever when she was arrested, well actually rescued by a Police Officer. As she was released from jail she felt so lost and alone, sadly facing no other choice but to flee for her life with her oldest three children to live in a DV shelter as her abusive, alcoholic family sided with and aided their abuser, despite court orders.

She had this thought, a strong feeling she couldn't shake... that the Officer was an extension of God's hand to release her from the Hell she'd endured in her own personal life. Though she had to face the world alone now, she had been set free to create a new future for herself, and her kids. She went back to school and founded Holistic Ministries to serve and empower others to  into their ultimate potential. 

Her husband now was a combat medic in Iraq and Afghanistan who came into her and her children's lives to not only love and protect them, but also became her inspiration to actively seek to serve our Nation's Heroes. The profound healing and transformation he has experienced from combat injuries, mental torment, and religious injustice by implementing her recommendations. Kadee knows that her expertise empowers Heroes to master Mind, Body, and Spirit, so they can Live abundantly in joy with impeccable honor.


Kadee has been doing mission work in the USA since 1997, became an ordained Priestess in 2003, holds a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma, an Associate's in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology, Certificates of Excellence as a Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Professional Life Coach from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She also holds a Certificate of Completion in an ancient Bio-Energy Touch Healing Practice that has been clinically proven to relieve pain, stress and rebuild DNA.


​​Hear what Clients are saying:


"I felt like a prisoner in an assisted living facility, and I was only 18. I was afraid of everyone and everything for as long as I could remember. Diagnosed with PTSD and Agoraphobia due to traumatic abuse I was taking several medications. I had been seen by top mental health professionals and admitted several times. After just 3 weeks working with Priestess Kadee, my life was transformed drastically. My case was closed as a miracle and I went to India to work with the deaf as a missionary. I am nearly deaf myself from the abuse I suffered as a child and she helped me turn my curse into a blessing to help others."




I was 16, homeless and struggling with drug addiction. Priestess Kadee was there in my time of need. She was known on the streets of Portland, Oregon to many as a wonderful, loving, constant source of inspiration and compassion. She always wore a smile and always offered only the most encouraging words. She has remained a source of strength and inspiration to me over the past 9 years, and I honestly do not know if I would be here had I not known her. I have nothing but ABSOLUTE faith in Kadee, and her marked ability to positively affect the lives of others. Thank you Kadee, and thank you to the reader for taking the time to hear my humble testimony of love in action.

-Sebastian Thomas Du Maurier



"I got home last night and I was physically and mentally exhausted, really drained; and yet I felt more light-hearted than I had been in many months. In the face of a difficult and painful point in my life, I had a Holistic Coaching Session with Priestess Kadee. Her sincerity, kindness, and genuine spirituality brought me catharsis. She guided me to a new perspective and an empowerment that helped me realize that I could deal with the changes ahead. Thank you Kadee! May your strength, faith, and kindness touch many others."
~ L.K. DSc



"Being abused and deeply scarred emotionally and physically during adolescence, I naturally attracted abusive and toxic relationships like a magnet most of my adult life. Since Kadee has helped me learn to truly love myself, I have been able to transform my life from daily abuse, chaos and poverty into a life that is peaceful and abundant. I even lost 42 lbs without even trying!"
~ S. Snow


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