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 Just received my Cintamani Stone surprise. WOW! My energy started flushing before I got it out of the box. After holding it for a couple of minutes, I had to run to bathroom. (Good thing) Mom's neck had been out and has had horrible headache. When she held, felt the energy for up her arm, start releasing muscles in neck and behind her eyes and headache easing up. She had to put down because she was getting dizzy. Can't wait to research this! Until now, Moldavite is the only thing I've felt with that intense of energy.



I grew up the son of a Pentecostal missionary. Attended the Assembly of God church, and was surrounded by the most un-God like people I have ever known. My relationship with my Lord blossomed on the battlefield, alone, with only my combat team beside me. Church is in your heart. And thank you Priestess Kadee, for understanding what I mean.

~Chris Hart, Msgt. US Army, 21 years,
508th Special Troops, 82nd Airborne, MWD Handler..
forever and always 


"I was drowning in a downward dark spiral of PTSD before I met Kadee. Through some serious troubles, struggles and tears she helped me reconnect with myself, God, and my fellow human  beings. Now I am on a new mission, with a light brighter than ever."
~Anonymous Soldier

Hard to believe after living like I did since 2012 that overnight I'd be on the pat~h I prayed for. Pastor Mathew and Holistic Ministries, LLC was crucial to my new walk in life.
~Anonymous US Navy Veteran



"Being abused and deeply scarred emotionally and physically during adolescence, I naturally attracted abusive and toxic relationships like a magnet most of my adult life. Since Kadee has helped me learn to truly love myself, I have been able to transform my life from daily abuse, chaos and poverty into a life that is peaceful and abundant. I even lost 40 lbs without even trying!"
~ S. Snow

"I got home last night and I was physically and mentally exhausted, really drained; and yet I felt more light-hearted than I had been in many months. In the face of a difficult and painful point in my life, I had a Holistic Coaching Session with Priestess Kadee. Her sincerity, kindness, and genuine spirituality brought me catharsis. She guided me to a new perspective and an empowerment that helped me realize that I could deal with the changes ahead. Thank you Kadee! May your strength, faith, and kindness touch many others."
~ L.K. DSc

"I felt like a prisoner in an assisted living facility, and I was only 18. I was afraid of everyone and everything for as long as I could remember. Diagnosed with PTSD and Agoraphobia, taking several medications as I had been seen by the top professionals and admitted several times. After several weeks working with Priestess Kadee, my life was never the same. My case was closed as a miracle and I went to India to work with the deaf. I am nearly deaf myself from the abuse I suffered as a child and she helped me turn my curse into a blessing for others."
~ C.R.
I was 16, homeless and struggling with drug addiction. Priestess Kadee was there in my time of need. She was known on the streets of Portland, Oregon to many as a wonderful, loving, constant source of inspiration and compassion. She always wore a smile and always offered only the most encouraging words. She has remained a source of strength and inspiration to me over the past 9 years, and I honestly do not know if I would be here had I not known her. I have nothing but ABSOLUTE faith in Kadee, and her marked ability to positively affect the lives of others. Thank you Kadee, and thank you to the reader for taking the time to hear my humble testimony of love in action.
Sebastian Thomas Du Maurier
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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