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Mathew spent 9 years overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan until his pelvis was crushed by an IED explosion. Mathew is back to full health after years of suffering with PTSD, migraines, back pain and serious discomfort in mind, body and spirit. He attributes his transformation into health, wellness and being able to operate at his full potential again to Jesus, and his wife Priestess Kadee's passion for natural healing, prayer and nutritional changes.

After his deployments, and before meeting his wife Kadee, he worked with mega church groups and led worship teams for a few years as he felt called to serve the Lord. After being discouraged deeply by church leaders, he realized shortly the gross amounts of money and flashy services did not line up with scripture and the words of Jesus. 

As a team, Mathew and Kadee are passionate to reach out to Veterans, Law Enforcement Officer's and First Responders as they are those who have the greatest love for our country by sacrificing their lives for our freedoms.

During Mathews time overseas his role was that of a Medic and K9 Handler. He has been doing Volunteer Search and Rescue for over a decade now in the USA with hundreds of successful rescues under his belt. He is passionate about helping his fellow human at any opportunity that presents itself, and is often a citizen being thanked by law enforcement and grateful families. 

Our Search and Rescue K9 was adopted by Mathew and Kadee's family on the 4th of July, 2012 as a rescued pup himself. Olin already has several successful rescues to be proud of. The first rescue Mathew and Olin were called out to was to locate a lost Spelunker who had been missing for over 24 hours. Olin showed no fear being lifted up into the entrance of the cave system, and he located the subject in a short time.

Sadly, Olin was shot in the snout and hind leg by a LEO who did not use his circle of force, or announce himself while entering his families campsite while Mathew was out hunting. His leg was amputated and he is still with us only by a miracle. He can catch rabbits now with 3 legs, and couldn't before.  



Pastor Mathew is passionate about helping those who give their lives in service to others to be well in mind, body and spirit. He and his wife Kadee have 7 children, and are working with their local community to establish a healing center for Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders and Service Based Professionals.



Universal Life Church
          Ordained Minister- 2013

15 plus years of personal Biblical studies




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